FOUNDATION REG- CG/6306 DTD. 24/11/2016       DARPAN REG- CG/2019/0229290       IT 12AA REG-: ITBA/EXM/S/12AA/2020-21/1028058845(1)       IT 80G REG- AAFAA2435BF20206       CSR 1 APPROVAL-CSR00013340      

Anubhuti Shree Foundation was founded by Mrs. Hercharan Kour (Dimple) in 2016. Mrs. Kour is a graduate in Economics, Master in Social Science and an alumnus of Women’s College, Jamshedpur. It was back then in 2013, when she found herself in deep trouble due to menstruation disorder and then had to undergo Radical Hysterectomy(uterus removal) surgery due to which she experienced extreme complications. Prior to the surgery, Mrs. Kour had to face a horrifying time.  She was forced to use as much as 20 pads aday for continuous and sustained recovery from the surgery, also experiencing extreme pain and complications in the meanwhile.

During a random discussion with some women in the locality regarding the complications they face due to menstruation, Mrs. Kour thought about the women in a marginalized society and realized how they would manage to get the sanitary pads in such quantity during such hour of need and necessity. Moreover, on further discussions and investigations, it was apparent that the women living in the marginalized society in India were not even aware of using these pads during their menstrual periods, thus, compromising with their health on account of menstrual hygiene.

This laid the ground for the idea to provide free sanitary pads to the marginalized women of our society and make them aware about the importance of maintaining a good menstrual hygiene.  Menstrual hygiene has been a taboo for a long time among the women in India and it was time to shape a new India, in which everyone could talk freely about the importance and necessity of menstrual hygiene. 

Anubhuti Shree Foundation is registered with Registrar, Firms & Societies, Raipur Chhattisgarh with registration no. CG/6306 dated 24th November 2016.