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     (Date: 25-12-2020)

‘EMPOWERMENT’ may be described as a process which helps people to assert their control over the factors which affect their lives. Empowerment of women means developing them as more aware individuals, who are politically active, economically productive and independent and are able to make intelligent discussion in matters that affect them. Women empowerment as a concept was introduced at the International women Conference in 1985 at Nairobi, which defined it as redistribution of social power and control of resources in favour of women.

Anubhuti Shree Foundation has realized in its journey that women can become self-reliant if such women get a little help or support, not only in their economic condition but also in maintaining their own health. The situation can be improved once these women living in the marginalised section of the society become more vigilant towards one's own health.



 Awareness Programme:

Integrated interventions that work with women to increase access to high-quality foods, income-generating activities, and nutrition knowledge are able to increase food availability and income, add to the social status and empowerment of women involved, and lead to healthier child development. Anubhuti Shree Foundation systematically and efficiently organises awareness camps on medical, menstrual hygiene and self-help to make the women motivated and educated.


Training Classes:

A study reveals, women reinvest 90% of their income into the family, compared to 30 to 40% by men. This means women spend more on their children—food, shelter, and education—which creates long-term social and economic gains for their communities. This makes them an integral part of ending the cycle of poverty. Anubhuti Shree Foundation has already invested in the reservoir of talent through its stitching and sewing training classes operational in 2 units. Also, the sanitary pad making has also engaged few women who could get help in their financial backup.

Further, Anubhuti Shree Foundation has plans in the pipeline to impart computer training, snacks and pickle preparation training etc. to make the women self-powered to sustain in the transforming world.