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Awareness Camp on Menstrual Hygiene

     (Date: 12-07-2020)

Selection of the area is done on the requirement and necessity through survey. Places are selected where women are either not educated or unaware of the issues even if they are literate.

What we do
•Gathering women and girls to discuss and inform them about the problems caused by the menstrual period.
•Keeping attention on own hygiene at the time of menstruation and taking care of their own health.
•To give correct information on serious diseases and its side effects through public talk by foundation members/volunteers.
•To make aware about the environment to be kept clean during menstruation, apart from keeping owns health.
•To make aware about the cloth or pad used during menstruation so that the same may not be hindrance to the environment safety.
•Special attention to be given to health and hygiene in awareness camps, especially health issues related to women and girls is discussed during the camp.
•Awareness and counseling by gynecologist about the menstrual cycle and its implication on one to one basis.
•Distributes Pamphlets for their convenience and knowledge. 
•Making available free sanitary pads to the needy and giving correct information about its use.
•Make aware the adolescent girls about the menstruation cycle and interacting with them through interesting questionnaires so as they could be well informed about the small and big things about the matter.
•Awareness in adolescent girls and women regarding hormonal, mental, physical changes underwent during the mensuration period and related problem associated with.
•Our team discuss the issue with male member to support the female member of family in all the ways.
•Awareness regarding harmfulness of using reusable cloths or pads or any other unhygienic items
•Removing  the myths associated with Mensuration.
•Awareness about the disposal of pads or cloth used so that environment does not affect adversely.

•Awareness and counseling by gynecologist about the diseases associated with period if not handled hygienically.

•Discussing the problems faced by women during their menopause period.