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Medical Camps

     (Date: 12-07-2020)

                Selection of the area is done on the requirement and necessity through survey. Places are selected where women are either not educated or unaware of the issues even if they are literate.

What we do

•Organizing medical camps at regular intervals in public interest.
•Need based free consultation by doctors.
•The camp consists of doctors from Dermatology, Dental, Medicine, apart from Ayurveda and Homoeopathy.
•Basic pathology test like Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure are also checked for the participating candidates during the camp.
•This health camp is organized according to the need and requirement of the local residents. Necessary and basic medicines are also made available at free of cost.
•Seminars and Workshops on basic and recurring medical complications among the residents are conducted and proper advice is rendered for precaution and prevention.
•Discussions on everyday life and diet by doctors to provide complete information on better health and better life.
•Referral to appropriate doctor/hospitals for the needy patients.